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Australian Boom and Baffle has available an extensive manufacturing capability including:

Manufacturing Capability Scope

Over 30 years of operational installation, design and manufacturing experience

CAD design capability

Over 14 different sewing systems and 9 plastics/coated material welding systems with an ability to undertake 15 different processes to ensure optimum fabrication of finished products 

Capacity to fabricate using a wide range of materials

Reinforced and non reinforced PVC's (including those with modified plasicisers) Polyurethanes, polypropylenes and polyethylenes

Rigid polypropylenes and polyethylenes

woven and non woven geotextiles

heavy weight belting materials

Metal fabrication capacity to construct system components such as anchor systems, storage and transport systems, special deployment and installation components

In house fabric testing capacity to ensure optimum seam strength is attainable from the product design phase through to periodic testing during fabrication phase

Robust working relationships with premium material suppliers and ability to have specifically manufactured geotextiles, coated materials and strengthening webbings to optimise product configuration

Manufactured Product Scope

ABBCo has been required to design and manufacture an extensive range of products to assist clients in achieving successful completion of projects, a sample of those products are listed below:

Product Client Location
Dredge Frame: silt curtain suspended from 25m x 35m dredge pipe frame for Bucket Dredge operations  Boskalis Port Kembla
Quarantine invasive marine species kill bags for vessels to >50m LOA to effect prekill of organisms in wooden boats prior to disposal Barefoot Marine Darwin
Scour protection rock underlays for remote installation in 20m of water over 1.2km Baulderstone Port Botany
Reclamation fabrication and installation of intermediate separation geotextile  Cleary Bros Port Kembla
Pile sheaths for piling over sensitive coral reefs incorporating stiffening rings to allow concertina closing with tidal fluctuation Neptune Western Australia
Exclusion booming of derelict wharf using and heavy duty conveyor belt skirt and float system Port of Melbourne Melbourne
Debris booming of wharf refurbishment Fitzgerald Melbourne
Vertical counter forte infill panels and grout tubes Baulderstone Port Botany
Subsea foundation pad grout tubes and  Dempsey Sydney Desal
Tank support grout tubes Dempsey Lihir PNG
Tunnel segment sealing grout tubes Bougyees Florida USA
Pile sheaths for piling in mangroves Golding Gladstone
Sealing of chemical catch basin Terminals Botany
Offshore drill pipe leaning bunds Apache Energy NW Shelf
Vertical block sealing grout tubes Baulderstone Port Botany
Diffuser pontoon McMahon Kingston
Containment of noxious marine weeds AES Hawkesbury River
Containment and control of Calurpa NSW Fisheries Sussex Inlet
Pontoon Fabrication using sheathed VHH foam and both concrete topped and timber topped, specifically manufactured to client requirements Various Various
Grout tubes for underwater installation and levelling of prefabricated foreshore sea wall segments McMahon Kingston


ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012


Tube and Structure installation guidelines

We are able to manufacture super bag dewatering products  

95m long x 36m circumference


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