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 Australian Boom & Baffle Co Downloads Page

The following Australian Boom and Baffle Downloads are also located throughout this site:

General Information
ABBCo Product Overview and General Information General scope and description of ABBCo products and capability Information or Publication
Marine Turbidity Curtains
Marine Curtain Handbook 2012 Background of Turbidity curtain selection and installation  Information or Publication
Contractors Silt Curtain Brochure Contractors curtain brochure detailing float and skirt assemblies available Brochure
Contractors Curtain Skirt Loading Tables Table of approximate potential current loads on various depths of skirts, in knots and kgf Information or Publication
Technical Information HDP and Sea Curtains Product specification in both turbidity curtain and baffle applications Specifications
Contractors Curtain Catalogue Page Overview of contractors curtain on single page Catalogue Page
Dredge Curtain Catalogue Page Application of contractors curtain to dredging operations Catalogue Page
Homebush Case Study Application of contractors curtain for contaminated foreshore remediation Case Study
Port Kembla Case Study Use of contractor curtain in port dredging project Case Study
Mortlake Case Study Demolition of former Gas Works Wharf Structure where contaminated sediments were present Case Study
Silt Curtain Contoured Shore Installation Contouring of curtains to shoreline to minimise free skirt and associated issues Drawing
Debris and Oil Containment Booms
GPF 500 Boom Manual Information on 500mm fence boom Information or Publication
GPF 500 Catalogue Page Overview of 500mm fence boom  Catalogue Page
Filter Curtain Catalogue Page Overview of filter curtains fitted with mesh or netting skirts including noxious weed containment systems Catalogue Page
Marina Pen Floating Fence Use of fence boom in a marina application Drawing
Portable Bunds, Containment and Wash Pads
Portable Bunding Systems Operating Instructions General instructions on setting up of portable bund Information or Publication
Portable Wash Pad Instructions General instructions on folding of wash pads and containment mats Information or Publication
Baffle Systems
Baffle Manual Outlines considerations in baffle installations Information or Publication
HDP Skimmer Box GA Drawing for guidance Drawing
GA Contoured Baffle GA Drawing for guidance Drawing
GA Baffle Mooring Post GA Drawing for guidance Drawing
GA Effluent Outfall Baffle GA Drawing for guidance Drawing
GA Membrane STP Baffle GA Drawing for guidance Drawing
GA Regulating Flow Through Window GA Drawing for guidance Drawing
Dewatering and Pump Bags
Geotex Tube and structures installation Procedure Standard considerations for the use of Geo-textile tube for shoreline protection Information or Publication
Synthetic Industries Dewatering Technical article outlining consideration when dewatering using geo-textiles from our primary dewatering fabric supplier Information or Publication
SI 4x6 Data Sheet Specification of most commonly specified dewatering bag material Specifications

ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012


Tube and Structure installation guidelines

We are able to manufacture super bag dewatering products  

95m long x 36m circumference


For more information on this product please contact the

Australian Boom & Baffle Co


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