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The Australian Boom and Baffle Co specialises in the design and fabrication of flexible geo-textile grout and gravel bags and inflatable fabric formwork. These are used in applications both above ground and underwater and are customised to suit specific applications.

Our in house testing capacity and high strength geo-textile fabrication equipment enables us to progressively test to agreed design criteria throughout the manufacturing process. We regularly use geo-grid internal supports to hold the shape of the structure whilst allowing grout to flow freely through the bags.

Our specialist products include:
Port construction counterfort unit temporary works all welded infill panels
Port construction counterfort unit vertical joint locking bags
Underbed stabilisation and filling for precast shoreline seawall segments
Gravel bags for locking structures together which are then liquid grout filled
Undercut infill bags
Bifurcation unit anchor bags
Grout inflatable riser footing doughnuts
Pipe saddle/anchor bags (up to 2.4m diameter pipe)
Segmented corner/joining block infill bags
Shaped mattress supports
Underwater installed scour protection mattresses
Pipe anchor and cover pads

Product Examples: Mass Anchoring Underwater Pipe Saddles 

We are able to configure underwater pipe saddles specially to clients specifications to provide both support and mass anchoring.

Once deployed pipes can be secured to the saddles using heavy duty stainless steel straps.

In the example pictured opposite saddles were constructed for  2 of 1800mm cement coated pipes.

As the pictured grout bags are to be filled underwater, a pre-deployment trial was undertaken on land to verify bag formation and strength.

In this example they were filled with 25 mpa block mix with 10mm aggregate through 80mm fill pipe. Each bag holds approximately 7.5 cubic metres.

During the dry trial divers were walked through the installation procedure and an appropriate safe work method statement was prepared for their installation.

Bags constructed to enable divers to haul under pipes which are held in a cradle and attach to pipes in 1 knot of current To ensure bag forms to required footprint plastic conduit is used by the divers to peg the bags to the soft bottom Progressive filling is undertaken to ensure even distribution of grout

Fill relief ports are located in each major segment of bag to ensure that each section is adequately filled In this shore trial two saddles were installed to ascertain potential slump after removal of supporting cradle As filling is undertaken the supporting straps are cutoff to allow the bags to expand with out restriction and wrap tightly into pipes

Miscellaneous Grout Filled Structures

Cylindrical impermeable tube manufactured from WWT 80kN coated fabric. Coated fabrics are used in highly sensitive areas where bleeding from a standard bag needs to be limited. NB pressure relief/water/air bleed ports on top tube. 

Progressive internal reinforcement ensures tube holds structure when inflated though  natural slumping will occur

Flat impermeable mattress manufactured from WWT 80kN coated material. Internal structure ensures that mattress can be inflated to designed height whilst providing a consistent coating of grout to prevent ice cube break-up.  Use scour protection at wharf segment toes, spillways etc ABBCo grout tubes may be configured to provide gap infill in pipe lining applications. In this instance a full length gap filler was required for a 900mm pipe insert in an existing under road drain. The gap filling bag was attached to the new pipe the complete assembly was fed up the existing structure and simply pumped with a suitable grout. ABBCo has supplied underground tunnel gap filling grout bags both in Australia and to a world wide export market including the USA


ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

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