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Our sea curtain system provides a multipurpose float assembly for use with a range of skirt configurations from Heavy duty oil containment booms to heavy duty high integrity silt curtains. The individual float logs are 2m long and 300mm high foam filled HDPE through bolted reinforcing belting on the skirt assemblies. They are able to sustain hits from small vessels and are easily changed when required. In addition to use in open water conditions the float system is suitable for use on:

Permanent installations for oil and debris containment/diversion at plant outfalls and intakes
Heavy baffles for sewage and water treatment plants and oil field dewatering ponds
Permanent installations around sensitive ship discharge and loading operations
Frequent deployment around ship bunkering and transfer operations
Storm water outfall and weed containment netting booms
Toxic algae trawls using flow through skirts
High durability baffle systems

The main features of the ABBCo open water curtains are:

High strength (>400kN) longitudinal strength on float and ballast assemblies
Conventional anchor connection points are integrated into the float assembly and retain equivalent loading capacity to the float assembly
Floats are rotationally moulded foamed HDPE through bolted on the skirts making them impact resistant and easily replaced if required
Curtain skirts are available up to 30m deep
Skirts are fabricated from 200kN wide width tensile knitted PE 
A large proportion of the components are re-useable
Offer long term deployment with limited maintenance
Capable of being bottom anchored

As a float assembly for our high integrity sediment curtains they are routinely deployed in the harshest conditions. The curtain pictured below is deployed in an southerly exposed location on Botany Bay Australia and experiences winds to 100kph and short interval wind generated waves up to 1.5m.

Open water sea-curtain deployment for port expansion project. Proximity to commercial shipping required innovative anchoring system note the absence of surface attachments. Combined length of curtain >5000m Curtain depths exceeded 18m and included protection of sensitive seagrass beds, a open gate arrangement for small vessel traffic and pontoon gate for heavy dredging plant access Ballast moored curtain is simultaneously deployed from a barge together with a 90mm stud link chain ballast mooring assembly
Divers inspection of sea bed Dock Toe mooring and attachment of supplementary cables Sea Curtain deployed using ballast mooring system to minimise impact on adjacent shipping. Lateral anchors placed on seabed to remove potential navigation hazards from moorings Our equipment inventory includes excavators for moving curtains on barges, deploying mooring systems, piling and installing shore anchors. Steel piles with floating collars are used for long term deployments in shallow water.
Chain gypsy used to deploy ballast mooring chains for curtains deployed  in high traffic areas or close to shipping lanes/swinging basins. The chain deployed in this instance is >90mm studlink which is connected to the bottom of the curtain using high tensile dropper chains We fabricate components to optimise installations pictured is a fabricated  chaffing bar installed over wharf edge We recommend the use of steel dumps over concrete blocks to achieve better holding power. Pictured 6 tonne end mooring dump.



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