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ABBCo designs, manufactures and can install if required a range of fixed and floating baffle systems for applications associated with:

Process water ponds where floating baffles are used to increase detention time, to enable positive control of flow we have also developed flow through window system which may be opened or closed depending on requirements 

Treatment cells and empoundments some applications applied to date include control of flow through treatment system and direction control to improve aerator efficiency

Hanging baffles in waste water treatment systems where positive support is available within treatment cells

Floating baffles in potable water treatment plants including within reservoirs to allow suspended solids to fall out of inflow water easing the burden on filtration systems during period of peak flow eg. storm events

Fixed baffles in within tank reservoirs to the detention time within tanks. These hanging baffles are often installed in bore supplied potable water systems 

The baffle can be construction from reinforced flexible membranes or non reinforced High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene membranes. fitted with either encapsulated two part bolt on floats. We also are able to supply a full range of installation hardware including bottle screws, shackles, wire ropes and ballast chain all in stainless steel.

HDP Boom is a rugged permanent solution for high flow areas. Typical installations include hydro power tail race installation ABBCo fabricates fixed baffle installation for use in tanks and other treatment structures where an alternative support system to traditional floats is employed HDP Skirt replacement after 17 years of deployment  70% of floats suitable for reuse. Skirt was damaged after dam level dropped and boom became entangle in submerged trees
ABBCo filter baffle fitted with a knitted polyethylene skirt ABBCo Diamond Baffle system utilising evaloy/polypropylene soft cover  closed cell foam floats Skirts are workshop configured with contours, freeing ports, top wire tension members and ballast chain pockets. Floats are bolted to skirt and ballast inserted prior to installation
Depending on the length and configuration of the HDP baffle systems on site configuration is undertaken. here a 117m continuous baffle is fitted with floats prior to installation  HDP boom configured as STP baffle system using a 2.4m skirt and fitted with regulating flow through windows and bank contours


Mooring and towing assemblies, consisting of bridles, lines and various types of anchors are available to meet deployment needs.

Tidal (level) compensating systems are available for permanent installations.

Transportation, storage and deployment crates are also available.


ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012


Baffle Manual 2006

GA Contoured Baffle Set

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GA Regulating Flow Through Windows

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B6000 Potable Water Baffle

We manufacture dewatering bags suitable for use in waste water treatment plants (sludge dewatering) potable water treatment plants (Alum dewatering) Agricultural dewatering (manure & abattoir effluent)

for more see: Dewatering

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