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We have been designing specifying and manufacturing geo-textile dewatering bags for the past 12 years developing over that time extensive experience in the optimum application of material to filtering requirements.  These bags are used for both incidental use on construction or mine sites  and in mass filtering applications at waste water treatment plants, livestock operations (saleyards and abattoirs) and for containment and treatment of dredged materials.  

ABBCo bags, wraps and tubes have found application in: 

Foreshore erosion control by strategically placing tubes either along or perpendicular to the foreshore
Drill water containment during centre drilling of steel piles and dewatering prior to grouting
Primary and final polishing of construction water from construction sites
Sediment catching from auto dumping units on mine filtration units
As water filled cofferdams with membrane liners installed
Control of mine tailings and bauxite washings within tailings dams to develop greater water depth at process water pickups
The construction of sea protection groynes in bays and harbours, pumped large size tubes used as the basis of groynes these are then overlaid with either natural rock or man made armour systems
Lining/wrap systems for use in the encapsulation of contaminated materials in split hopper barges prior to dumping
Primary sediment removal on drinking water treatment plants
Waste water plant sludge dewatering
Coal char filtration from coal fired electricity generators
Water water sludge treatment at uranium treatment/processing facilities
ABBCo Portable Dewatering Bin System

The ABBCo Portable dewatering system is designed to provide an economical alternative filtering system where small quantities of media need to be removed or where heavily contaminated material need to be strictly controlled

The ABBCo Portable Dewatering system centres around the use of Hook Lift style bins. The use of these bins enable efficient transport and disposal of filtered media with minimum potential environmental impact. The bins may be used on pre installed pads (permanent) or with and ABBCo rear feed of bund to return filtered water to source. the high flow pump bags are laid out in the bin over a bottom grating to allow maximum efficiency of the filtering process. Where bins are specifically designed for this purpose a perforated false floor is integrated into the bin design Pump hoses are connected to the bag filler, these may be located at any point across the top of the bag to suit the application. Note the height of the bin wall needs to be sufficient to contain water spray and comply with road transport regulations for carriage of filled tubes The pump filter bags are then cycle pumped usually there are multiple units installed and once one unit full another is pumped whilst the first dewaters. Once the bags are full the pump hose is disconnected and the bag removed using a hook lift truck and the process repeated

Caution: The filter bags are very strong and water permeable; however, they are not indestructible. Extremely high pumping rates and high sediment concentrations can cause the bag to burst. Monitor bag use to assure maximum performance.




Synthetic Industries Technical Information Bulletin 'Dewatering Using Geo-textiles"

Woven Geo-textile 4x6 Data Sheet

Woven Geo-textile 4x4 Data Sheet

Non-Woven Geo-textile 1601 Data Sheet


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