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We manufacture a range of Noxious weed containment booms and barriers for either operational, temporary or permanent long term installation. General purpose contractors weed boom is carried ex stock in 10m, 15m and 20m lengths. This curtain whilst primarily designed for control and containment of noxious weeds is also employed in the following operations:

As a debris containment curtain for stormwater drains where a low durability short term solution is required or where price is an issue
As a construction boom where timber wharf work is being undertaken to contain saw dust and floating debris

ABBCo is also able to offer a range of custom made weed and algae floating barriers these include:

Skirt depths to 20m
Variations on mesh size to include knotted netting cut and sewn on the square 
float chambers may be constructed from base skirt materials

ABBCo curtains use the best quality materials in float assemblies and skirts in particular the application of woven polypropylene and structural grade mesh's ensuring integrity of installation


Filter Skirt fitted with chain ballast and reinforcing webbing Our installation and repair team is experienced in a wide range of climatic conditions Floatation chambers are joined using ASTM Pattern connectors

Skirts on this product may be configured to the specific application in respect of depth and filtering capability


ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012

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For more information on these products please contact the

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