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The following provides examples of the range and scope of products that ABBCo is able to provide in addition to those listed elsewhere on this site.

ABBCo is able to field install and seam geo-textiles for a wide range of applications including manufacturing feed stock  underlays, separation layers both in water and on surface. Seaming ensures optimum joining of material and reduces material waste through excessive overlaps ABBCo is able to fabricate pontoon bases for a wide range of applications. Pictured is a HDPE wrapped diffuser pontoon, these can be configured with concrete, allow or timber decks and used as jetty or marina pontoons Sea curtain on beach for deployment, competitors product deployed in rear of picture
Standard mesh inserts for catch basins inserts are easily removed for cleaning inserts fitted for silt management
Sliding drain gate lifted by winch, can be fitted with auto closing system if required Sliding drain gate fitted with absorbent pillow for incidental spill control Redeployable and reelable Net booms for seasonal control of jelly fish at power station inlets
Net boom with skirt ranges exceeding 25m, note float assembly a function of skirt depth and deployment location Net booms configured for trawl sweeping of noxious weeds, nets are cut and sewn on the square to limit fish catching All sizes and configurations of cable, hose and umbilical floats for cable and sub-sea operations
Specially configured percussion tube sleeves for dewatering The sleeves are fitted snuggly to the well tubes to optimise screening of fines Percussion tube fitted with sleeve and ready for deployment

ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012

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