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ABBCo been manufacturing geo-textile dewatering bags since 2000.  Woven (WSFB) and Non woven geo textile dewatering bags are used either to replace or complement mechanical sediment  removal equipment. 

We exclusive use specially configured geo-textiles for the construction of the dewatering and pump filter bags. Before proceeding please download the Synthetic Industries Technical Bulletin (see info box) to gain an appreciation of their application capabilities and limitations. Material data sheets are also available for download. 

Standard seams are two rows of double stitched 10,000 denier polyester. Depending on product to be dewatered we are also able to seam using upto to 2mm twisted polyethylene and braided kevlar threads. 

Product Code

Dimensions Flat Width

Hose Snout


Approx Material Capacity lm-m

Application Notes




SI 4x6

1.2 When selecting the most appropriate filter bag for an application it is best to conduct a trial of the bag material using the actual material to be filtered.

We have available text bag packs containing two each of the following:

 SI 4x6 Test Bag

 SI 4x4 Test Bag

SI 1601 Test Bag

The test bags are normally suspended over a collection tray and a sample of the material is poured into the bag. 

WDB46-4 4.3m 1x300mm   SI 4x6 5
WDB46-6 6.7m 1x300mm   SI 4x6 11.5
WDB46-9 9.0m 1x300mm   SI 4x6 20




SI 4x4

WDB44-4 4.3m 1x300mm   SI 4x4 5
WDB44-6 6.7m 1x300mm   SI 4x4 11.5
WDB44-9 9.0m 1x300mm   SI 4x4 20
NBD17-2 2m 1x300mm   SI 1751 OR SI1601 2.5
NDB17-4 4m 1x300mm   4

Specialised Products

SDB46-4 2.2x4m 1x80mm HP/PVC SI 4x6 4.8 these products are designed for use in a 6m skip bin to allow for waste removal from site. Add handles to allow securing to bin

fitted inside standard shipping container for use as filter cell

Knitted material bag designed for removal of coal char at power stations
SDB46-6 2.2x6m 1x80mm HP/PVC SI 4x6 7
CDB17-6 4x6m 1x200mm x2mL SI 1751 OR SI1601 18
KDB95-153 15mx3m 2x300mm CS95 35

Filter bags should be placed on a fairly level area (filter bags can roll if used on steep slopes). The bags are fitted with hose snouts after inserting the hose (or hose tail) the connection must be secured with a clamp.

Filter bags can handle flow rates in excess of 1920 litres per second. The amount of discharge water which the bag can effectively handle depends on such factors as pump flow rate, amount and type of sediment, degree of slope, and the permeability of underlying surface.

Caution: The filter bags are very strong and water permeable; however, they are not indestructible. Extremely high pumping rates and high sediment concentrations can cause the bag to burst. Monitor bag use to assure maximum performance.




Synthetic Industries Technical Information Bulletin 'Dewatering Using Geo-textiles"

Woven Geo-textile 4x6 Data Sheet

Woven Geo-textile 4x4 Data Sheet

Non-Woven Geo-textile 1601 Data Sheet


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