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ABBCo has had in continuous production since 2000 a "contractors" range of marine turbidity curtains. This curtain system was first used by Baulderstone on the Kiama Bypass project in NSW and has been used on project all over Australia, in the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East. 

The contractors curtain is a competitively priced system primarily designed for sheltered water use and whilst it is our most basic system its robust construction exceeds many other heavy competitor equivalent products.  
Stock curtain is configured in 15m (45') lengths it is usually available off the shelf in 0.5, 1 & 2m skirt configurations. 
The float assembly has been custom fitted with a variety of skirt types for various applications, including netting, mesh and combination permeable impermeable skirt clay containment system.
The standard product is manufactured with a 150mm freeboard but freeboards are available to 500mm subject to skirt depth and prevailing environmental conditions at the deployment location. 
Skirt materials used in the contractors boom range from >300 gsm non woven geo-textiles through to 200kN wide width knitted polyester geo-textiles
Theis curtain has also been configured as under bridge floating mats where maintenance is being undertaken on structures where toxic contaminates need to be collected eg. lead based paints

Contractors curtains are configured on pallets in bales already factory connected with skirts furled to the float assemblies for efficient deployment. Where required mooring hardware including posts and connecting chains are shipped together with curtain bundles. Contractor curtain skirts are furled to float assemblies to make deployment easier. Curtains are deployed and anchored in position then the skirts are dropped.  Permanent furling lines may be installed if required at additional cost.  Float assemblies are joined using ASTM 962 pattern universal boom  connectors. This transfers the load from one float segment to the next and allows our curtains to be attached to oil containment booms, sliding tidal compensators

Freeing ports fitted with weighted flaps which open to allow water in but close to prevent sediment escaping from contained area. Ports are supported by mesh inserts to maintain shape of opening. Our ability to custom design products to clients specific needs can be demonstrated by the extended floating silt fence which incorporates a GPF500 oil spill fence boom with a turbidity skirt. floating bridge mat consists o0f two float assemblies with a float supported geo-fabric to catch lead paint fragments and other debris from bridge repair. In this case the bridge was demolished and dropped into the mat and lifted out by floating crane
Frequently ABBCo replaces, remanufactures and retrofits (where this is practical) competitors products following failure and non compliance. Note this is not the best practical solution and proper choice at the start of a project minimises issues later. Contractors curtains are used to protect aquatic environments in the open ocean, in harbours, rivers, creeks and also lagoons and dams. This deployment was to protect sensitive Bell Frog Habitat in a freshwater swamp area.  Curtains deployed in port expansion dredging and reclamation. Skirt depths on this application ranged from tapered contours for shores up to 12m deep. Multipurpose Berth Port Kembla
When ABBCo deploys curtains they are shipped in joined lengths up to 750m long. with the skirts furled to the floats. This ensures that deployment is swift and efficient The curtain is deployed into the water body and secured at each end in the desired location. The moorings are deployed at predesignated positions using RTK DGPS.  Once the curtain is anchored the skirt is dropped and suitable approved navigation aids and warnings are applied to the installation.
Rock seawall reconstruction with 2m deep standard weight contractors curtain 4-8 metre deep 250mm float curtain being deployed by Commercial Diving Services to secure dredging spoil ground Curtain deployed for seawall remediation in river with high flow and heavy high speed ferry traffic. This curtain is fitted with a 100kN woven polyester skirt. 
Multiple curtain deployment for control of ash and sediment in water treatment reservoir. Skirt depth 17m

ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

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