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Australian Boom and Baffle has available an extensive support resource capable of supporting not only our product installation but also providing a comprehensive support service for project related dredging, reclamation and marine construction activities. This includes:

In house workshop and field based metal fabrication to fabricate installation components

Appropriate vessels subject to the scale of operation required

Composite barges

Waterfall style anchor winches and hydraulic heavy chain gypsies

Skid mounted air compressors, generators and pumps

Our vessels have available survey quality RTK DGPS 

Grout mixing and pumping equipment

Pile jetting and driving equipment for the installation of permanent curtain mooring systems

Wire swaging for configuration of anchor wires, pennants etc

We routinely provide support in the following areas:

Diving tender services

Submerged and floating pipeline recovery and deployment

Buoy laying and recovery

Installation and management of construction exclusion zones

Anchor handling

Dredge repair support services including field welding

Dredge refuelling and sullage removal

Crew transfer and survey support services




ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012


If you require a product to be supplied and installed please contact:

Australian Boom & Baffle Co

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