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ABBCo has developed with over 30 years of experience to design fabricate and install (if required) an extensive range of marine turbidity curtains, this range includes:

Contractors Curtain

Standard 150mm freeboard, stock skirt depths, sections easily joined or removed depending on requirements

Floats to 500mm freeboard and skirts to >30metres

Combination or impermeable skirts available for critical installations

Joining system also ensure that this product can contain oil spilled within the construction site (note this is not an absorbent boom and leakage around corners is subject to the installation methods)

Configuration for clients Environmental Licensing requirements

Debris boom for stormwater and construction site use

Available with impermeable, netting or mesh skirts

May be constructed using ABBCo HDP float system

Skirt depths to >30meters 

also used as water intake jellyfish and debris control boom

Dredging curtains including spreader pontoon, bucket and backhoe dredging shrouds

Heavy duty as shrouds for dredging and spreader operations

High strength skirts to allow bottom only anchoring to allow dredges and craft to work against curtain

Open water and heavy duty systems (SEABOOM and HDP)

High durability float assemblies (impact resistant floats)

High strength skirts

Impermeable or filter skirts or combinations available

Suitable for long term deployment with minimum maintenance 

Noxious aquatic weed booms the have been used for both surface and subsurface aquatic weed and algae control

Configured with a mesh skirt suitable for controlling both weeds and spores

can be used to contain calurpa for salt treatment

TII contractors 2m curtain used to control sediment during foreshore reconstruction  floating bridge mat consists o0f two float assemblies with a float supported geo-fabric to catch lead paint fragments and other debris from bridge repair. In this case the bridge was demolished and dropped into the mat and lifted out by floating crane 500m curtain delivered in continuous length with furled skirt for immediate deployment. curtains are available in segment lengths from 15 to 30m. 
Heavy duty seaboom deployed to form gate arrangement for small craft access during construction. This area was open to >2m waves, >60knots wind and tidal streams of 2-3 knots installation was in place for 2 years Curtain deployed for seawall remediation in river with high flow and heavy high speed ferry traffic. This curtain is fitted with a 100kN woven polyester skirt.  110m pre-assembled silt curtain pack. Type II SC125 fitted with 2.5m geotex  N/Woven skirt with 0.5m flow through mesh panel between floats and skirt. For deployment in smelter scum settling ponds.
The following pictures clearly show the effectiveness of marine turbidity curtains in close applications
The effectiveness of a properly designed and deployed curtain cannot be underestimated. In this application a model SC125 with a 2m geotex 701 non-woven polypropylene skirt has been deployed in a tidal waterway. The seabed is irregular rocks covered with oysters over which the factory fitted chain ballast provides a sea. As the tide ebbs the load against the skirt increases but the curtain continues to contain the suspended solids.

Our silt and sediment curtains are used to:

Control of sediment on water based (or adjacent) construction operations
Control of sediment both from dredging operations and from dredge deposition
Mine tailings dams to reduce the amount of suspended solids at decants
Pre-filtering of potable waters to remove leaf litter and fire debris (ash)
Control of toxic algae
Control of aquatic plants
Screen of large solids in effluent treatment ponds
Mine tailings overflow screening

ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

 ABBCo Product & Services Overview 2012


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