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Australian Boom and Baffle manufactures a range of boom and baffle systems: 

Booms are used to control surface pollutants, debris, weed etc the skirt depth is configured to the deployment location.


Typical Debris and Stormwater Boom Installations by ABBCo
GPB Baffle System, for gasfield treatment pond. Water inflow temp >90 degrees high volume of crude oil and condensate in inflow. Log Boom, debris diversion bar manufactured from foamed HDPE with rigid skirt. Boom diverts debris to GPT screen during period of high flow. GPB Combination Outfall Baffle System, fitted with 2m deep geo-textile skirt. This unit supplied in kit form together with mooring stakes and an anchor.
Debris Booms installed range in size from only a few metres to hundreds of metres long. This installation of over 200m is shipped configured The HDP Debris Boom is taken from the transport crate directly accross the waterway and secured on a pre installed mooring HDP Booms with bleting skirts are used where variations in water depth may result in abrasion on the skirts. The heavy reinforced belting provides both abrasion resistance and longitudinal strength.
Typical Oil Spill Containment Booms Manufactured by ABBCo
GPF500 boom in storage/deployment racks. 100m per rack, rack size 2.4mx1.2mx0.6m. Supplied to contain fire debris ash etc at urban water reservoirs ABBCo GPF 500 boom containing arabian crude whilst shoreline cleanup operation including shore flushing being undertaken. Not visible are padded shore seals to ensure washing don't migrate from work area GPF 800 fence boom all welded construction having an overall height of 800mm
 General Purpose Buoyancy (GPB) Booms: 300mm freeboard, 600mm skirt, manufactured from poly-urethane oil boom fabric. Solid foam log floats. This float assembly may be fitted with either netting or geo-textile skirts. Mini air booms are manufactured in 10 to 25m lengths, these are either configured on reels or in bags and may be supplied together with inflating pumps and other accessories.  A range of fence type booms are manufactured these range in overall height from 300mm to 1000mm. They are available in either all welded or combination welded with sewn webbing reinforcement in bags, on reels and in racks

The following standards are applied in the design and manufacture of this equipment: ASTM F-962-94 (Oil spill response boom connection), ASTM F-715-95 (Spill Control Barrier Membrane Materials Testing), ASTM F-1093-91 (Tensile strength characteristics of oil spill response boom) and ASTM F-1523-94 (Selection of booms in accordance with water body classification)


We are able to tailor boom and baffle systems to your needs.

We  also manufacture branded products for resellers


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