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 Adiemas Services Pty Ltd

The Australian Boom & Baffle Company



The Australian Boom and Baffle Company is Australia's leading manufacturer of floating boom and baffle systems and engineered geo-textile products 

ABBCo has over 30 years of practical experience in the design, manufacture, application and installation of extreme duty floating marine turbidity (sediment/silt) control curtain systems and engineered geo-textile products combined with a comprehensively equipped workshop (specially equipped for heavy geo-textile handling and seaming. As a result ABBCo is an industry leader in this field ensuring that products are purpose designed to meet both your, your clients and the environments demanding needs. 

Our primary products include the design, fabrication and installation of:

Floating sediment/silt curtains, piling and drilling shrouds for conditions ranging from enclosed, calm waters to open ocean 

Fixed and floating baffle systems for water treatment and waste processing facilities including retrofitting and integration into existing structures to increase detention

Flexible underwater grout filled bags, tubes and mattresses used for jacking, filling, blocking and locking in a range of marine construction applications, 

Contaminated material encapsulation whether for marine application in dredge hopper disposal or in landfill environments

Hazardous product and contaminated material and liquid bunding and liner systems, including dam liners

Well point liner systems for use in the treatment of subterranean groundwater

Underlay mats for seabed armour protection and intermediate separation during reclamation including multiple width factory and field seaming

Pump filter and dewatering bags and geo-textile tubes for applications ranging from mine and construction site waste water to contaminated dredging material recovery and foreshore protection including pumpable groyne cores and scour protection


With our extensive field equipment capability we are able to provide a comprehensive support service for major marine construction projects ranging from environmental control system design and installation, dredge and floating plant bunkering, dredge pipe handling (shore and marine), rock burial, anchor handling, deep water burial and excavation, through to marine construction zone management, standby vessel services, survey and crew change vessels.


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The Australian Boom and Baffle Company is one of the worlds leading designers and manufacturer of engineered  Geo-textile solutions.

We manufacture over 30,000m of marine silt curtain annually.


ABBCo has now available, for critical construction projects,  heavy duty curtains provided on a fully serviced agreement basis

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ABBCo provides a comprehensive range of Environmental Control  products and services for marine construction to find out more go to:

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